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Foreign Language Day 2014

We've got big plans for Foreign Language Day 2014 (April 10, 2014) and registration is now open. Click here to be whisked away to our page on Foreign Language Day 2014.

Learn where languages can take you

Learning another language will enrich your life and expand your opportunities. Here at SIU, we offer you a wide range of options to put your language study to use. You can develop a high level of fluency in a specific language and culture by specializing in one of our language and culture areas: Classics, French, German, or Spanish. If you're interested in international business, try our Foreign Language and International Trade program, where you'll take courses in business and cap your study off with an internship abroad. Or combine your language study with courses on global and regional issues in our new International Studies program.

Broaden your horizons

Learn a second language, and you’ll experience a second culture from the inside and connect with people who speak that language on a whole different level. You can read more books, appreciate more films and music. You can do business with people in their own language, with an understanding of their own culture. You can help address global problems with an insider’s knowledge about another region.

Understanding another language and culture gives you a whole new perspective on your own language and culture. You gain access to another way of thinking about the world, and can free yourself from the linguistic and cultural boundaries of your own. 

Get in touch

Do look around our site to learn more, and check out our facebook page to share the latest on foreign languages on campus and in the wider world. Or contact us directly.  We'd love to hear from you.