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Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS), an interdisciplinary and transnational field of inquiry, explores the intersections of gender, sex, sexuality, race, class, nation and ability, and how these intersecting identities influence individual's experiences, achievements and positions in society.  Our WGSS program offers a critical cultural approach in its examination of all genders and sexualities through lenses of contemporary feminist and queer theories.  Scholarship in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies is found in virtually every branch of academics, including humanities, social sciences, sciences, education and the arts.  WGSS is a strong interdisciplinary program where students from every academic college on the SIUC campus can pursue their interests in issues regarding women, gender, sexuality and/or feminisms, and also discover the relevance of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies to their own lives and their own fields of study.

For questions about the WGSS program, please contact Sandy Pensoneau-Conway at (618) 453-5112 or email wgss@siu.edu.