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CoLA Web Ticket

PLEASE NOTE: The previous CoLA Web Ticket has been integrated into the main SIU Web Services ticket. For ALL Liberal Arts units, please be sure to select "College: Liberal Arts" when you are presented with the "Select your Unit or Help Topic."

Please ignore the options below the College listings, such as "Website Updates" and simply choose the college as the help topic. (Screenshot below.) This will ensure your request is directed straight to the individual(s) familiar with the Liberal Arts sites, specifically. Here is a screenshot of what to choose, regardless of topic, for all CoLA units when you reach the "Open a New Ticket" page:

New Ticket screenshot

After you have selected the College of Liberal Arts, you will have the opportunity to describe the changes you would like made to your site. Many thanks in advance for your help, cooperation, and continued use of service tickets to optimize our productivity and efficiency.

— SIU Web Team