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CoLA Speakers

Our faculty members are passionate about their areas of expertise and would enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with your students! We offer a series of topics that our faculty members are prepared to speak about in your classrooms. You might think of them as TED Talks for middle and high schoolers. It's also a way for your students to begin to think about their futures in college and the professional world.

In the PDF below is a brief description of each topic with an average time frame of about 30 minutes followed by time for questions and answers. If you are interested in hosting a speaker, please feel free to email the instructor or contact Dr. Pamela Smoot ( or Dr. Andrew Balkansky ( in the CoLA Dean's Office.

The College of Liberal Arts at SIUC includes 18 departments and 4 Centers and the topics listed in the PDF below reflect these various disciplines.

Arts - 3: Art and Design, Music, Theater

Humanities - 7: Africana Studies, Communication Studies, English, History, Languages Cultures & International Trade, Paralegal Studies, Philosophy

Social Sciences - 8: Anthropology, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography and Environmental Resources, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Centers: Archeological Investigation, English as a Second Language, University Museum, Phenomenology Research

Speakers' Bureau (PDF)