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Derek Lehman, Ph.D.

Derek Lehman



My research is primarily focused on the intersection of religion and gender, and particularly the idealized version of femininity promulgated in conservative Protestants’ gender-ordered worldview and manifest in the structuring of women’s material attainment. I utilize quantitative methods, and multilevel regression modeling in particular, to explicate this structural relationship between gender and religion. I earned a Dissertation Research Award for this project, which I will defend in the Spring of 2018. From this core, my work branches out with a thematic focus on religion and inequality, with projects on explanations of racial inequality, opposition to immigration, and attitudes about cultural outsiders. I also have experience teaching courses which vary in both substantive focus and academic level. At SIU, I have taught Elements of Sociological Research, a four credit hour upper-division course, along with Introduction to Sociology and Social Problems.

Katherine Niman, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: Online Social Networking: The Changing Self, Impression Management, and Social Control

Dissertation Committee:

  • J.-P. Reed (Chair)
  • Kristen Barber
  • William Danaher
  • Jyotsna Kapur
  • Rachel Whaley

Teaching and Research Interests: Social Media, Identity, Sociological Theory, Gender, Race and Ethnicity, Deviance, Social Control, Qualitative Methodology