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Jessica Crowe

Professor, Interim Chair

Jessica Crowe

Office: Faner 3430

Phone: (618) 453-7626



Dr. Crowe’s research interests are in environment-society relations, community development, food security, and social networks.  She is currently involved in an NSF supported research project examining social inequalities in smart development in rural areas as it applies to education and healthcare. She has recently conducted research on perceptions and impacts of energy production, including research on solar, wind, coal, and unconventional oil and gas production. Her past research has focused on local economic development strategies in rural areas with emphasis on social networks and inclusiveness.

Dr. Crowe welcomes the opportunity to work with students interested in sustainability, broadly defined, as well as social issues surrounding natural resource extraction, agriculture, and inequality.

Current Research

2021-2023 NSF EAGER: SAI. Bridging the Smart Divide in Rural America by Understanding the Interplay of ICTs and Social Infrastructures. (Awarded $278,812) BCS- 2122092

2016-2021 NSF S-STEM Collaborative Research: Upper Delta Region Biodiversity Scholarship (total awarded $4,781,097; SIU awarded 1,600,837)

Perceptions about Energy Production and Consumption

Comparison of Social Media and Survey for Energy Perception

Areas of Specialization and Interest

  • Community Development
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Food Security
  • Quantitative Methods

Selection of Courses Taught

  • SOC 215 Race and Ethnic Relations in U.S.
  • SOC 312 Elements of Sociological Research
  • SOC 386 Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 530 Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 552 Race and Ethnic Relations

Recent Publications

Jessica A. Crowe. 2021. “Creating a University Climate that Increases a Student’s Sense of Belonging, Perceived Faculty Support, and Research Productivity: First Findings from a Five-Year Study.” Innovative Higher Education, 46(1): 95-109.

Jessica A. Crowe. 2021. “The Influence of Issue Framing on Support for Solar Energy in the United States.” Environmental Sociology, 7(1): 54-63.

Jessica A. Crowe. 2020. “Explaining Popular Support for Wind Energy in the United States.” Journal of Rural Social Sciences, 35(2).

Jessica A. Crowe. 2020. “The Effect of Partisan Cues on Support for Solar and Wind Energy in the United States.” Social Science Quarterly, 101(4): 1461-1474.

Jessica A. Crowe and Ruopu Li. 2020. “Is the Just Transition Socially Accepted? Energy History, Place, and Support for Coal and Solar in Illinois, Texas, and Vermont.” Energy Research & Social Science, 59.

Jessica A. Crowe and Austin Boe*. 2019. “Integrating Undergraduate Research into Social Science Curriculum: Benefits and Challenges of Two Models” Education Sciences, 9(4): 296-309.

Jessica A. Crowe, Scott McClurg, and Kelsy Kretschmer. 2019. “Including Undergraduate Students in Community-Oriented Research: Benefits and Challenges for Undergraduates and Faculty.” Sociological Imagination, 55(1): 23-34.

Ruopu Li, Jessica A. Crowe, David Leifer, Justin Schoof, and Lei Zou. 2019. “Beyond Big Data: Social Media Challenges and Opportunities for Understanding Social Perception of Energy.” Energy Research & Social Science, 56

Jessica A. Crowe. 2019. “The Impact of Shale Development on Crop Farmers: How the Size and Location of Farms Matter. Agriculture & Human Values, 36(1): 17-33.