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Student Organizations

Student organizations are a great way to get more out of your experience as a Psychology major. The Department of Psychology has three student organizations.

Benefits of Joining a Psychology RSO

  • Learn more about psychology and related fields
  • Involvement with faculty and practitioners in the department and community
  • Learn about opportunities of interest: Conferences, research assistant openings
  • Meet & get to know fellow students in the department
  • Gain leadership experience as an officer
  • Acquire volunteer hours
  • Get social and academic support


PSA is a registered student organization (RSO) open to all students interested in Psychology, regardless of their major. Students in PSA gain a greater understanding and familiarity with the field of psychology as well as related fields through participation in a variety of activities including further exploration of and learning about the field of psychology, volunteer work, fundraising efforts, and social networking.

Membership dues: $10 for the academic year (or $5 per semester) (application)



Psi Chi is an international psychology honors society. Psi Chi was founded in 1929 for the purpose of promoting excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Members of this esteemed society receive a membership card and certificate in addition to quarterly editions of the magazine Eye on Psi Chi.

Membership dues: $60 for a lifetime membership ($45 to national office, $15 to local chapter)

Membership Qualifications:

  • Complete 45 semester hours of college course work
  • Complete 9 hours of coursework in psychology
  • Overall GPA 3.2 or higher
  • Psychology GPA 3.0 or higher


ASSOCIATION OF BLACK PSYCHOLOGISTS (ABPSI) Currently inactive due to many members Graduating in Spring 2020 and COVID. With 8-10 interested members, the group can be restarted! Contact if interested.

The Association of Black Psychologists sees its mission and destiny as the liberation of the African Mind, empowerment of the African Character, and enlivenment and illumination of the African Spirit.

The Association is organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Promoting and advancing the profession of African Psychology
  • Influencing and affecting social change
  • Developing programs whereby psychologists of African descent (Black Psychologists) can assist in solving the problems of Black communities and other ethnic groups.

The Student Circle of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) is an organization of like-minded Black scholars. The members of The Student Circle are students of mental health committed to both the liberation of the Black mind and the development of optimal psychological functioning among people of African descent. We utilize the principles of commitment, cooperativeness, creativity, and self-determination to develop a better understanding of the current deleterious conditions facing Black people and to help erase the negative emotional impact of the continual oppression of our community. The aim is to promote communication among Black psychology students and to contribute to the struggle to improve the emotional well-being of people of African descent wherever possible.

Membership dues: $40 for the year ($5 per semester to local chapter, $30 for the year to the national chapter). (application)

  • Discussions of interesting topics related to psychology and African Americans
  • Fundraisers for related causes (ex: Talent show to benefit Haiti)
  • Presentations/activities with psychology students in the dorms
  • Social events- poetry slams, barbecues