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Department Opportunities

Get course credit for research, teaching and service in psychology, while gaining practical experience!

With relevant faculty approval, students may get credit while working on faculty or independent research, doing service work in the community, or being involved in teaching. You’ll need to register for one of four independent study courses (scroll down to see how to do this).

Research: You may get involved in a faculty member's laboratory or research project, or even do your own project under supervision. You need to approach that faculty member and then sign up for PSYC 391: Independent Study (Pass/Fail) or PSYC 392: Independent Study (letter grade). This experience is extremely valuable if you plan to apply to graduate school, especially for a research-oriented degree (e.g., PhD).

Service: You may get involved in supervised volunteer activities, doing psychology-related service, with one of many community agencies. You need to sign up for PSYC 393: Preprofessional practicum. This experience is also very important if you plan to apply to graduate school in a human service area.

Teaching: There are some opportunities (by invitation) for supervised teaching, usually as a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 102) course or some other lower division course. You would need to sign up for PSYC 394: Practicum in Teaching of Psychology.

Important Note: To count as one of the required courses for a B.A. in Psychology, a student must complete a three credit experience from PSYC 391, 392, 393 or 394. Only three hours of PSYC 391, 392 or 394 may count towards a minor in psychology. PSYC 393 will not count towards a minor.