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Independent Study

Registering for Independent Study

PSYC 391 or 392. Contact the faculty member with whom you would like to work. The faculty member will complete a closed class card for you. If you are looking for someone with whom to work, check the list of faculty research opportunities.

PSYC 393. Obtain an approval form from the Undergraduate Psychology Office, Life Science II Room 229C. Take the form to the agency at which you would like to work and have it completed by the supervisor. Bring the form back for approval. You will then be issued a closed class card. Towards the end of the semester we will ask your supervisor to complete an evaluation form and you will receive a P/F grade depending on your performance.  If you are looking for an agency, check the list of approved practicum agencies for some possibilities.

PSYC 394. Opportunities for teaching experience are usually by invitation only, but you may contact the instructor of any class for which you would be interested in working as a teaching assistant.