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CDRC Policies

Cancellation of Counseling Appointments

Due to the number of students seeking services and the limited number of appointments available, please contact the CDRC 24 hours prior to your appointment time if you need to cancel a scheduled appointment.  When you miss an appointment without contacting the office, a notation is made in your record and repeated “no-shows” will jeopardize your ability to schedule future appointments.  If you miss more than two (2) consecutive sessions without notifying the agency, your file may be closed.  Should this happen, you may contact the CDRC and request that your file be re-opened, though if there is a waiting list, you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list until a career counselor is available.

Late Arrival

Anyone arriving 15 minutes late will be considered a “no-show.”  If you arrive late, but fewer than 15 minutes, the appointment time will be reduced by the number of minutes you arrive late.

Waiting List

Occasionally there will be times where there are more students requesting services than we are able to accommodate. If this is the case, you will be notified that there is a wait list and that you will be contacted as soon as a career counselor is available.


Use of Personal Information

The CDRC does not provide your personal information to third parties unless:

  • You request this, by specifically making your information available to others. This includes: submitting application materials online to a specific employer, placing a resume in a resume book, asking us to send your credentials file to a third party, or posting a job notice.
  • We need to provide your information to a third party to facilitate your participation in a program or service you have requested.

External Websites

Some links on the CDRC website go to external resources, not under our control. External websites may have different privacy practices.


If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact Dr. Kathleen Chwalisz, Director of the CDRC.