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Jessica Zvonkovic

Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology

Jessica Zvonkovic


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Undergraduate Institution:

University of Alberta, Bachelor of Science

Current Program:

Counseling Psychology Ph.D.

Year of Matriculation:


Research Interests:

Integrated Health Care

Publications and Presentations: 

Zvonkovic, J., Steinsdoerfer, G., Vanhusen, L., Goodin, J., & Lee, C. (2014, August) Innovations in Integrated Health Care from Emerging Counseling Health Psychologists.Symposium presentation at the Annual American Psychology Association Conference, Washington, DC.

McAndrew, L., Juntunen, C., Chwalisz, K., Adams, E., Raque-Bogdan, T., Lewis, B., Martin, J., Sheu, H., Pieterse, A., Friedlander, M., Almonte, J., Cabrera, P., Powell, S., Steinsdoerfer, G., Zvonkovic, J., & Vanhusen, L.  (March 2014). Social Justice: At the Intersection of Counseling Psychology and Health Psychology. Benefits of Health Psychology Training for All Counseling Psychology Students. Roundtable presentation at the Counseling Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Teaching Experience:

Lecturer of Introduction to Psychology, Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Psychology and Careers in Psychology

Future Career Plans:

Working within a multidisciplinary setting. 

What attracted you to SIU:

Teaching and funding opportunities and the environment of the psychology department attracted me to SIU.