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Emily Neuhoff

Doctoral Student, Applied Psychology

Emily Neuhoff


Amherst, Ohio

Undergraduate Institution and Degree:

The College of Wooster, Psychology B.A.

Current Program/Degree Pursued:

Applied Psychology PhD program

Year of Matriculation:


Research Interests:

group decision making, leadership, organizational change

Publications and Presentations: 

Neuhoff, J. G., Schott, S. A., Kropf, A., J., Neuhoff, E. M. (in press). Familiarity, expertise, and change detection: Change deafness is worse in your native language. Perception.

Neuhoff, E. M. Reversing the Other Race Effect: The Influence of Emotional Facial Expression and Social Contact on Facial Recognition and Memory, oral presentation, Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago IL. May, 2014. ​

Hamel, M.G., Hamel, R.P., Neuhoff, E.M., Narusis, J., Palmer, J., Thompson, I., & Kowalchuk, R. K. (2014, October). SIUC Applied Research Consultants: Assessment services and external evaluation. Presentation at the Assessment Day Conference, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.

Jaffe, Heather E., Neuhoff, E.M. (accepted) The Predictive Power of Individual Personality Traits on Keeping Others in the Loop, poster presentation, Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago IL. April, 2015. ​

Teaching Experience:

PSYC 102 TA, 2 semesters

Future Career Plans:

Professional Consulting 

What Attracted Me to SIU:

Applied Research Consultants