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College of Liberal Arts

Cassandra Dinius

Doctoral Student, Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Cassandra Dinius

office: Life Science II 229A

phone: (618) 453-3577




Washougal, WA

Undergraduate Institution:

Linfield College, BA; Western Oregon University, BS

Current Program:

Brain and Cognitive Sciences, PhD

Year of Matriculation:


Research Interests:

Successful aging, mood regulation, attention/distraction, cognitive rehabilitation


Dinius, C. (2014, April). Can distractability facilitate recognition performance in older adults? The role of affect and hyper-binding. Cognitive aging conference, Atlanta GA

Panel speaker for NIH Southern Illinois Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program (Grant# 1 R25 GM 107760-01), September 2013

Hlaing, E., Clancy-Dollinger, S., Parks, S., & Dinius, C. (2013, January). How did you sleep last night? Neuropsychological consequences of self-reported sleep problems in later adulthood. Presented at the Dallas Aging and Cognition Conference: Dallas, Texas.     

Parks, S., Clancy-Dollinger, S., Hlaing, E. & Dinius, C. (2013, January). Name that tune: Emotions influence on recognition memory in adulthood and aging. Presented at the Dallas Aging and Cognition Conference: Dallas, Texas.

Student guest for Mugglenet Acadamia podcast, lesson 11, The Psychology of Harry Potter, October 2012

Dinius, C. (2011, April). How memory works and how to improve it: Cognitive enhancement. Presented to the Salem Parkinson’s Support Group: Salem, Oregon.

Dinius, C. (2011, February). Protective leave law: Is it practical from a victim’s point of view?. Presented at the seventieth Oregon Academy of Science: Portland, Oregon.

Kirk, A., Classen, N., Dinius, C., Moomey, T., Anger, W.K., Rohlman, D.S. (2011, February). Pesticide Safety Training Among Varying Groups in an Agricultural Community: Trends in Performance. Presented at the seventieth Oregon Academy of Science: Portland, Oregon.

Dinius, C., Degraw, J., Feldmann, W., Pratt, S. (2010, May) Cognitive enhancement: How to train your brain. Presented at senior health and wellness day, Capital Manor, Salem, Oregon.

Feldmann, W., Pratt, S., Dinius, C., Degraw, J., & Winningham, R (2010, February) A pilot study to provide cognitive stimulation to homebound older adults. Presented at the sixty-ninth annual meeting of the Oregon Academy of Science, Portland, Oregon.


Winningham, R, & Dinius, C. (2010). Best practices for developing effective cognitive rehabilitation programs. Senior Housing and Care Journal, 18(1), 51-60.

Teaching Experience:

Research Methods and Statistics: Teaching Assistant, 2012-2015

Introduction to Psychology: Lecturer 2012-2013

Introduction to Psychology: Teaching Assistant, 2011-2012

Geriatric Wellness Instructor, 2009-2010

Future Career Plans:

I graduated from a liberal arts institution, so I’ve experienced the benefits of integrative education. I plan on obtaining a position at a liberal arts school where I can mentor students as well as conduct research. My aim is to evaluate the efficacy of current cognitive interventions and how they generalize to activities of daily living.

What Attracted Me to SIU:

I appreciate how collaborative and supportive the faculty are. Also, the library and campus lake are beautiful!