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Chelsey Couch

Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology

Chelsey Couch


Ware Shoals, SC

Undergraduate Institution and Degree:

University of South Carolina, BA in Psychology

Current Program/Degree Pursued:

Counseling Psychology, PhD

Year of Matriculation:


Awards Received:

Magellan Undergraduate Research Grant

Research Interests / Publications / Presentations:

I presented a poster of my research, "Psychological Factors of Dietary Intake Among African-American Adolescents," at U. of SC Discovery Day.  

Teaching Experience:

Body image and disordered eating in college students; especially among racially, sexually, and economically marginalized groups. 

Future Career Plans:

I would love to work at a university counseling center, have my own private practice, or work at an eating disorder treatment center.

What Attracted Me to SIU:

The collaborative nature of the students and faculty, and the flexibility for students to explore their interests and skills. 

Anything else you would like to add:

I love coffee, cats, and poetry.