Lizbeth Cantu Cantu

Southern Illinois University



College of Liberal Arts

Lizbeth Cantu Cantu

Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology

Lizbeth Cantu Cantu

Richmond, TX

Undergraduate Institution and Degree:
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Current Program/Degree Pursued:
Counseling Psychology Ph.D.

Year of Matriculation:

Research Interests:
My research interests include trauma and stress. Specifically, how experiences influence recovery and trauma.

Future Career Plans:
As of now, either to work for a non-profit or have my own private practice providing pro-bono services for historically underserved population. I also wish to promote and educate people about mental health.

What Attracted Me to SIU:
Their focus on diversity and multiculturalism, the program’s Boulder Model, collaborations, and the program support.