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Kristen Boog

Doctoral Student, Child Clinical Pyschology

Kristen Boog


Haslett, MI

Undergraduate Institution and Degree:

Central Michigan University, B.S. in psychology

Current Program/Degree Pursued:

Child Clinical Psychology

Year of Matriculation:


Research Interests/Publications/Presentations: 

Schoonover, C.E., Boog, K.E., Niec, L.N., Peer, S.O., & Brodd, I., Therapist-parent interaction coding system: A conceptual overview of the PDI coach codes. Poster session presented at The Biannual Parent-Child Interaction Therapy International Convention, Pittsburgh, PA.

Teaching Experience:

TA for PSYC 301 Child Psychology

Future Career Plans:

Clinical psychologist at a children’s hospital

What Attracted Me to SIU:

Dr. Fehr’s research fit very well with my interests. Additionally, all of the people were great and the students seemed to love what they were doing.