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Benjamin Rodriguez

Former Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology

Benjamin Rodriguez

We honor the contributions and accomplishments of Dr. Benjamin Rodriguez, a core member of the Clinical faculty since 2003.  A graduate of Yale University, where he obtained his B.A. in Psychology, he completed his doctoral degree at The Catholic University of America, with an internship at the VAMC in White River Junction, VT, and subsequent postdoctoral training at Brown University. 

While at SIU he taught undergraduate courses in psychopathology and graduate courses in psychopathology, advanced psychological assessment, cognitive behavior therapy, and legal and ethical issues in psychology.  He served as Chair for 27 thesis and dissertation committees, and he mentored many additional graduate and undergraduate students in research. With these students he co-authored over a 100 professional paper and poster presentations at conferences across the country. These studies and his numerous publications significantly contributed to the research literature on the assessment and conceptualization of PTSD, Social Anxiety, Panic and Generalized Anxiety Disorders. A truly remarkable colleague, he is deeply missed. 

At the request of his family, memorial contributions may be made to Saint Thomas More Catholic Center and Chapel at Yale University, 268 Park Street, New Haven, CT 06511, and Southern Illinois University Foundation, Department of Psychology in memory of Benjamin Rodriguez, Colyer Hall, Mail Code 6805, 1235 Douglas Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901.

Ph.D., Catholic University of America

Representative Publications:

Lancaster, S.L., Kloep, M.L., Rodriguez, B.F., & Weston, R. (in press). Event centrality, posttraumatic cognitions, and the experience of posttraumatic growth. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma.

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