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College of Liberal Arts

Liana Peter-Hagene

Assistant Professor, Applied Psychology

Liana Peter-Hagene

Office: Life Science II, Room 221
Phone: (618) 453-3524

Dr. Liana Peter-Hagene has received her M.A. in Criminology, Law, and Justice (2011) and her Ph.D. in Social and Personality Psychology (2016) from University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Peter-Hagene is broadly interested in applications of social psychological theories and methods to legal contexts. She studies extra-legal psychological factors (such as emotions, attitudes, and regulatory processes) that affect jurors’ decision making in criminal cases. Her research interests include (1) the effects of emotional evidence and emotion regulation processes on jurors’ understanding of the evidence and on their verdict decisions; (2) the effects of jury racial composition and jurors’ gender on the deliberation process, cognitive performance, and verdict outcomes; (3) self-regulatory depletion, heuristic processing, and resistance to persuasion during group deliberations; (4) the effects of moral attitudes on verdicts in morally ambiguous cases; (5) the role of political attitudes, gender, and race on people's legal judgments involving police use of force; and (6) moral outrage as a mechanism driving punishment decisions for juvenile offenders. Dr. Peter-Hagene is also interested in people's legal judgments of animal abuse. Dr. Peter-Hagene’s work has been published in empirical journals and has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the American Psychology-Law Society, and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.