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Michael Hoane

Department Chair; Professor, Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Michael Hoane

office: Life Science II, Room 281
phone: (618) 536-2301
email: mhoane@siu.edu


Dr. Michael Hoane received his Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience from Texas Christian University in 1996. His post-doctoral training in neuroscience was conducted at Emory University School of Medicine, CytoTherapeutics, and the Northwestern University School of Medicine. The mission of his Restorative Neuroscience Laboratory is to use state of the art preclinical technologies to develop treatments for traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Within the framework of developing these treatments he also is investigating the pathophysiological and neural plastic changes that occur in the brain following injury, especially those associated with age. Currently, a variety of animal models are used in his laboratory to accomplish these goals and to investigate the ability of novel therapies to facilitate recovery of function on a wide range of behavioral and histological assays. One of his current, and most active, lines of research includes the examination of the preclinical efficacy of various vita-nutrient therapies (e.g., B-vitamins) and other novel compounds following traumatic brain injury. Another major research interest is the continued development and refinement of our preclinical animal models of TBI to increase their potential translatability to the human TBI condition, which includes the examination of frontal lobe mediated behaviors and cognition. In addition, his laboratory is beginning to examine the role of rehabilitative strategies and aging following TBI.

Ph.D., Texas Christian University

effects of vita-nutrients in brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases

PSYC 302: Intro to Neuroscience
PSYC 415: Psychopharmacology
PSYC 514: Neurobiological Bases of Behavior
PSYC 518: Psychopharmacology and Behavior

Representative Publications:

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Book Chapters:

Kolowski, D.A., & Hoane, M.R. Neuroprotection and neuroplasticity following traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury Association of America’s, Essential Brain Injury Guide, in press.

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