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College of Liberal Arts

David DiLalla

Associate Provost; Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology

David DiLalla

Office: Anthony 310
Phone: (618) 536-5535
Email: ddilalla@siu.edu


Dr. DiLalla earned his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.  He completed his predoctoral internship at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and a postdoc at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics at Colorado.  He joined the SIU faculty in Fall, 1990. Dr. DiLalla's research interests address relations between normal personality and psychopathology; genetic and environmental influences on personality and psychopathology; psychological assessment; computerized personality evaluation; developmental psychology; and interpersonal violence.  He currently serves as Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Associate Provost for Academic Administration.

Ph.D., University of Virginia

Representative Publications:

Starks, T.J., Gilbert, B.O, Fischer, A., Weston, R.W. & DiLalla, D.L. (2009). Gendered sexuality: A new model and measure of attraction. Journal of Homosexuality, 56, 14-30.

Kassen, M. & DiLalla, D.L. (2008). Maladaptive defense style and traumatic stress reactions in a specialized unit of the South African Police Service. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, 8, 262-279.

Bolton Holz, K. & DiLalla, D.L. (2007). Men's fear of unintentional rape: Measure development and psychometric evaluation. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 8, 201-214.

DiLalla, D.L. (2007). Bringing theoretical clarity to the personality disorders, redux
Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 26, 268-270. [Book Review]

DiLalla, D.L. (2005). Heartening proponents and re-assuring skeptics: Psychology and the prescription pad. Journal of Social & Clinical Psychology, 24(3), 445-447. [Book Review]