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Philip Burke

Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology

Philip Burke

office: Life Science II 268
phone: 618.453.3554

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The Burke Lab

Dr. Burke grew up in Southern Illinois. He earned several degrees from Southern Illinois University including a BA in Psychology, a Master of Music in Opera and Music Theatre, and an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology. Prior to joining the faculty in fall 2009, he was director of Burke Behavioral Health LLC, where he provided a broad range of therapeutic and evaluation services as a licensed clinical psychologist to individuals and couples. He provides clinical supervision and teaches personality psychology, and theoretical and conceptual approaches to psychotherapy.  Dr. Burke’s research interests include therapeutic disclosure, therapeutic journaling, language use and identity, effects of traumatic experiences on cognitive and affective functioning, and the language of resilience associated with major life transitions.  In his free time, Dr. Burke leads a small choir and likes to use his Master of Music degree by occasionally taking the stage in an opera.

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Representative Publications:

Dollinger, S. J., Burke, P. A., & Gump, N. W. (2007). Creativity and values. Creativity Research Journal, 19, 91-103.

Burke, P., & Bradley, R. (2006). Language use in dialogue and narrative disclosures of trauma. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 19, 141-146.

Burke, P. A., & Dollinger, S. J. (2005). "A picture's worth a thousand words": Language use in the autophotography essay. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 31 536-548.