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Public Service

The Public Service Specialization is customized for the major who is interested in working in the local, state, or national government.

The public service program of study in political science will provide majors with coursework and experiences appropriate to careers in government and nonprofit organizations. The political science department assists majors throughout their undergraduate years and helps them to complete a program of study best suited to their career interests.

Political Science majors preparing for public service careers must meet the basic requirements for the political science major including core courses, a minimum of 33 credit hours in political science, three 400 level courses, public service specialization requirements and completion of an existing minor, internship, or interdisciplinary program of study. In fulfilling these requirements, majors preparing for public service have the opportunity to study subjects like administrative law, financial administration, intergovernmental relations, public policy analysis and organizational politics. Students must also complete either an interdisciplinary or minor study option. (The Director of Undergraduate Studies approves minors and study abroad programs.)

Political Science Major with Public Service Specialization

*Credit Hours indicated within ().

  • University Core Curriculum (41)
  • College of Liberal Arts (11)
  • Major in Political Science (49-52)
    • Core requirements: POLS 114, 205, 250, 270 and 300 (15)
    • Public Service Course Sequence: POLS 340, and select three from the following: POLS 422, 432, 436, 442, 443, 444, 447 or 449 (12)
    • Political Science Electives (9)
  • Minor, Internship, or Interdisciplinary Study—12 hrs. of minor course must be 300-400 level (12-18)
  • Electives (17-20)

Total (120)

»To view a public service specialization checklist in a PDF table, click here.