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Political Science is the study of issues that most immediately and profoundly affect our lives. In the global, national, and local political arenas, decisions are made every day that influence the way we live. The study of Political Science will prepare you to address these issues intelligently and can lead to exciting work in all sectors of our society.

Political science majors qualify for many different careers in private and public sector organizations. Some of the more common careers pursued by graduates in political science include: law, business, teaching, journalism, interest groups and public and international affairs.

Political science training also provides valuable preparation for participating in community organizations, electoral politics, movements on behalf of specific policies, or even seeking elected or appointed positions in government.

The SIU Department of Political Science is committed to helping our majors develop the skills in writing, analysis, and communication that are necessary for success in any career path. As a political science major you will have access to excellent instruction by nationally recognized faculty.