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Financial Assistance

The department awards financial support on a competitive basis, based on merit and need. Financial support takes the form of assistantships, Master’s and doctoral fellowships, dissertation research awards, and fellowships for minority students. Graduate assistantships are awarded directly by the Political Science Department. Fellowships and some assistantships are awarded by the Graduate School, after nomination by the Department. Most of our doctoral students and many of our master's students receive funding such that they pay no tuition and receive a monthly stipend in return for work as a teaching or research assistant.

All students admitted to the graduate program are considered for funding. For Department funding, no additional application is required beyond the application for admission. For funding by the Graduate School, an additional application is required; this is submitted to the Graduate School with the Department’s nomination (instructions will be provided).

Graduate assistantships and fellowships pay stipends that cover all costs of living in Carbondale plus full health insurance and a full tuition waiver (not including fees).

Students may also independently obtain financial support in the form of loans or grants.

Further information on financial aid is available from the Graduate School: see “Cost and Financial Assistance”.