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Public Administration Student Organization (PASO)

PASO logoThe Public Administration Student Organization (PASO) PASO is the organization of students in the MPA program. Its objectives are two-fold:

  1. Dr. Pink speaking with MPA studentto facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among students interested in pursuing a career in public administration, and
  2. to provide a cooperative atmosphere for joint action and representation of needs and interests of public administration students to the officials and agencies of the University community.

Membership is open to any SIU Carbondale student, graduate or undergraduate, who is interested in public administration. Additionally, associate memberships are open to MPA alumni or any non-student who is interested in participating in the organization.  More information about PASO may be obtained in the MPA office or on the PASO website.

Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society

PAA logoPi Alpha Alpha is the National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration. The Southern Illinois University Carbondale chapter of Pi Alpha Alpha was chartered in 2008.

The purposes of this society are: (1) to encourage and recognize outstanding scholarship and accomplishment in public affairs and administration; (2) to promote the advancement of education and practice in the art and science of public affairs and administration; and (3) to foster integrity, professionalism and creative performance in the conduct of governmental and related public service activities.

Membership is limited to students, faculty and alumni who have achieved academic excellence and achievement. More information about Pi Alpha Alpha may be obtained in the MPA office or on the NASPAA website.

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