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MPA students are required to schedule an advisement appointment prior to registration each semester.  The MPA Field Representative will send an e-mail announcing the opening of the advisement period for the upcoming semester and will schedule the advisement appointments.  The purposes of the advisement sessions are to monitor the students’ matriculation through the program and to ensure that program requirements are met.  Students are encouraged to review the Schedule of Classes for the upcoming semester prior to their advisement session. 

During the advisement session, MPA students will be provided a Registration User Number (RUN), which will allow them access to the registration system.  Using the information provided in the advisement session, students are required to log in to Salukinet to complete self-registration.  Step-by-step registration instructions are available if needed. 

Dates and deadlines for registration can be found in the Graduate Registration Calendar. Further information regarding late registration, withdrawing from courses, and refund policies can be found on in the Graduate School Registration information page.