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Master's of Public Administration

Purpose and Scope

naspaa logoThe Master of Public Administration (MPA) program prepares students for entry into managerial, administrative, and other professional careers in the government and nonprofit sectors. For students already in public service careers, the MPA program provides them the ability to improve skills, broaden perspectives and assume positions of greater responsibility. MPA degree requirements are designed to provide instruction in the core knowledge and competencies in public administration, as well as a range of additional subjects appropriate to the student’s career interests. An informal career tracking system allows students to integrate their study of core knowledge and competencies with courses that provide special preparation for entry into such specialty fields as city management, financial management, aviation administration, environmental administration, museum administration, and nonprofit organizations.

Mission Statement

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program, an applied program with a culture of community engagement, provides students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities for managerial, administrative,and other professional careers in public, private, aviation, nonprofit, and private/public organizations.

Online Workshop Series in Nonprofit Organizational Management

Do you want to be part of a stronger nonprofit organization? Explore year-round workshop titles offered through the MPA program in conjunction with SIU Extended Campus and the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute below: