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Affiliated Faculty

Linda Renee Baker

Professor, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute

Linda Renee Baker

Office: Public Policy Institute, Room 0138
Phone: (618) 453-4009

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Springfield, 2004

Interests: Public administration, public policy, and organizational theory. 

Randall Davis

Associate Professor, MPA Program

SIU Professor Randall Davis

Office: Faner 3126
Phone: (618) 453-5608

Ph.D., University of Kansas, 2011; M.P.A., Northern Illinois University, 2008.

Dr. Davis joined the faculty at SIU following two years of teaching at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

His research explores the environmental and psychological mechanisms that contribute to individual and organizational performance in the public sector. Dr. Davis has conducted research on several topics related to public management including organizational goal and role ambiguity, bureaucratic red tape, and public service motivation.

James Grant


Office: Faner 3126
Phone: (618) 536-2371

John Hamman

Associate Professor & MPA Program Director

SIU Professor John Hamman

Office: Faner 3132
Phone: (618) 453-3171

Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1988.

Professor Hamman joined the Department in 1989. He teaches courses in public policy, public administration, and American politics. His current research focuses on American institutions and public management. He has published articles in the American Political Science Review, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Political Research Quarterly, Public Administration Review, Review of Public Personnel Administration, American Politics Quarterly, Social Science Journal, Presidential Studies Quarterly, and chapters in edited volumes.

LaShonda Stewart

Associate Professor, MPA Program

SIU Associate Professor LaShonda Stewart

Office: Faner 3136
Phone: (618) 453-5695

Ph.D., Mississippi State University, 2008.

Professor Stewart's general research area focuses on local governments’ financial management practices, state’s rainy day funds, global budgeting, participatory budgeting, and health information technology. She is, however, most recognized for her research on local governments’ unreserved fund balances with research appearing in Public Budgeting and Finance, Public Finance and Management, Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management, and Administration & Society.  In her current research, she seeks to develop a model to explain how local governments accumulate savings. She teaches courses in public administration which includes public budgeting, financial management, and research methods for public administrators.