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Faculty & Staff

SIU Carbondale’s Department of Political Science has 18 full-time faculty members. Over half of the faculty has been hired since the mid-1990s, replenishing the Department with new faculty who hold degrees from the leading centers of graduate education in the United States. These new faculty have strengthened the Department’s ability to teach courses and supervise graduate research in political behavior, public opinion, racial, ethnic and gender politics, modern political theory, international conflict and war, political development, democratization, public policy, judicial behavior, and more.


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Tobin Grant

J. Tobin Grant, Department Chair

Office: 3124 Faner Hall
Phone: (618) 453-3167
Email: grant@siu.edu

Director Contacts

Randall Davis, Director, MPA Program
Office: 3126 Faner Hall
Phone: (618) 453-5608
Email: rsdavis@siu.edu

John Hamman, Director of Graduate Studies
Office: 3132 Faner Hall
Phone: (618) 453-3171
Email: hamman@siu.edu

Ken Mulligan, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: 3144 Faner Hall
Phone: (618) 453-3335
Email: kmulliga@siu.edu