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The Philosophy of Roderick M. Chisholm

(Volume XXV, 1997)

Chisholm has shaped contemporary American philosophy. He introduced the concept of intentionality into the Anglo-American intellectual world in the 1950s; he has done seminal work on the theory of knowledge, perception, evidence, foundationalism, and doxastic aspects of belief; and his development of the adverbial theory of sensory experience and of immanent agent causation have been impressive and persuasive.

Table of Contents

Roderick M. Chisholm: Intellectual Autobiography 

Roderick M. Chisholm

(Replies follow essays)

Richard Taylor: Chisholm's Idea of a Person 
Philip Quinn: Tiny Selves: Chisholm on the Simplicity of the Soul 
Dean Zimmerman: Chisholm and the Essences of Events 
William Alston: Chisholm on the Epistemology of Perception 
Susan Haack: "The Ethics of Belief" Reconsidered 
John Haldane: Forms of Thought 
Gerald Myers: Self-Awareness and Personal Identity 
Nicholas Rescher: Chisholm's Ontology of Things 
David Sanford: Chisholm on Brentano's Thesis 
Nicholas Wolterstorff: Obligations of Belief-Two Concepts 
Richard Foley: Chisholm's Epistemic Principles 
Ernest Sosa: Chisholm's Epistemology and Epistemic Internalism 
Marietje van der Schaar: Judgment and Negation 
Robert Audi: Chisholmian Justification, Causation, and Epistemic Virtue 
Bruce Aune: Chisholm on the Self 
Jaegwon Kim: Chisholm on Intentionality: De Se, De Re and De Dicto 
Keith Lehrer: The Quest for the Evident 
Anthony Anderson: Chisholm and the Logic of Intrinsic Value 
Lynn Baker: Persons in Metaphysical Perspective 
Johannes Brandl: Recurrent Problems-On Chisholm's Theory of Events 
Jong-Ho Ha: A Defense of Chisholm's Direct Attribution Theory of Objective Reference 
Andrew Reck: Substance and Chisholm's Concept of the Person 
Johann C. Marek: Properties as Object and Content of Thinking: On Chisholm's Theory of Intentional Reference to properties 
Barry Smith: Boundaries: An Essay in Mereotopology 
Martine Nida-Rumelin: Chisholm on Personal Identity and the Attribution of Experiences 
John A.I. Bewaji: The Certain, the Evident, and the Problem of Criterion: Perspectives in Roderick Chisholm's Response to Skeptical Epistemology 
Noah Lemos: Chisholm, the A Priori, and Epistemic Principles 
Marian David: Two Conceptions of the Synthetic A Priori 
Marie-Luise Schubert Kalsi: The Problem of Self-Presenting Properties in Chisholm's Theory of Knowledge and the Speckled Hen 
Donna Summerfield and Pat Manfredi: Chisholm on Intentionality: Wittgenstein's Questions

Bibliography of the Writings of Roderick M. Chisholm