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Dynamic Research

The Philosophy Department at Southern Illinois University Carbondale offers a rare breadth of courses and expertise in a number of important traditions and thinkers. In addition to being one of the primary programs in the country at which one may study the American philosophical tradition, we also specialize in Continental and Asian thought.   

Our Philosophy program is the world's center of John Dewey research, providing both access to the Center for Dewey Studies (unstaffed December 31, 2016) and featuring the instruction and scholarship of Professors Larry Hickman and Thomas Alexander.  Professor Sara Beardsworth is internationally recognized for her scholarship in the works of Julia Kristeva and current editor of the series Library of Living Philosophers. Also, recent alumnus Nicholas Guiardiano has created an extensive online exhibit of Peirce and his years with Open Court Publishing Company through the SIU Special Collections Research Center. Professors Kenneth Stikkers and Randall Auxier offer a broad range of classes and are at the forefront of research in the field, doing work that extends from the Philosophy of Economics to the thought of Josiah Royce to African-American philosophy as well as classes on a variety of Continental figures.  All of these scholars are active in the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy.

The Graduate Program at SIU is also strongly representative of crucial areas of 19th and 20th century Continental thought.  The Phenomenology Research Center draws scholars from around the world, led by the renowned Husserl scholar and author of original works, Professor Anthony Steinbock, who also edits Continental Philosophy Review and the Northwestern University book series Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy. Professor Stephen Tyman does expansive teaching and research in phenomenology, existentialism and religious thought.

The department also has research strengths and excellent course offerings in Ancient Philosophy and Modern Philosophy, represented by Professors Robert Hahn, who leads annual programs to Greece, Turkey and Egypt to explore ideas in their historical and cultural contexts, and Andrew Youpa, whose written and edited work on Spinoza is opening new paths in scholarship.

Join our department and immerse yourself in one of the most philosophically pluralistic programs that can be found anywhere, and benefit from the expertise and work of some of the finest scholars of American, Continental, and Asian thought.