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Application Requirements

The following is a list of the requirements for the graduate application.

Application Deadline is February 14th.

  1. Application (we are now accepting only the online version).
  2. Official Transcripts from 'all' the universities, colleges, junior colleges, etc. that the student has attended.
  3. Three letters of recommendation uploaded online by person who recommends, or sent on letterhead
  4. Writing Sample.
  5. Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose (1-2 pages) - Indicating your professional experience, educational goals, professional interest, academic achievements, honors, awards, publications and extracurricular activities.
  6. GRE scores are generally required, though the applicant may request the Director of Graduate Studies to waive them if special reasons apply. GRE's are necessary, however, if the applicant wishes to be considered for a Fellowship or Assistantship.
  7. The SIU Graduate School requires a nonrefundable $65 application fee. When you are ready to submit your application, you must pay the fee online by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Applications will not be processed until the application fee is paid.
  8. International Students must also supply: TOEFL (550 or better - 80 computer based) or IELTS (6.5 or better)
  9. International Students must also supply a financial statement. Form will be provided by the program.
  10. Resume.
  11. Research Interest/Experience (1-2 pages) - Address the area of research you are interested in and why, why you want to pursue graduate study, your career goals and your research experience.

Special Note: If you have, or expect to have when you begin classes, a Master's Degree, you will be applying to the Ph.D. program. If you have, or expect to have a Bachelor's degree, you will be applying to the Master's program. While we certainly hope that you will wish to stay to get your Ph.D., applying for the Ph.D. without a Master's Degree just creates confusion. Also, if you are applying for Fellowships, remember this applies to those as well

Anytime you wish to know the status of your application, you need only contact the Philosophy program's Graduate Studies Secretary.

A lot of people call and send e-mails, requesting information on specific deadlines for application to the program. Here is what you need to know regarding said:

  1. Unless you are applying for a Fellowship (see Financial Aid, below), or an Assistantship, you need not have all your application material in until mid to late Spring (for Fall semester) or mid Fall (for Spring semester).
  2. If you ARE applying for either of these, you need to have your information in to Philosophy (for Fellowships) by no later than the end of December or (for Assistantships) no later than the end of January. While Fellowships are granted for the Fall Semester, the decisions as to who will receive them is made early in the Spring Semester. There are no Fellowships offered any other time of year. If you are beginning in the Spring, it is unlikely that there will be Assistantships available either.
  3. GRE scores are recommended, but you need only take the GRE if you plan to apply for either a Fellowship or an Assistantship.

ALL MATERIAL is to be uploaded to the Application (link at top of page).