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Top Hat Features Philosopher as Modern Educator

George Schedler

Philosopher George Schedler was recently recognized as a Top Hat “Modern Educator” on the company’s blog site. He uses the student engagement technology for both his online and on-campus course in Elementary Logic. This allows his students greater flexibility in completing assignments and enables him to better pace the course based on quickly identified needs.

Professor Schedler serves as Chair of the Department of Philosophy, and this year celebrates 40 years of teaching at SIU. He holds a JD, in addition to a PhD, and specializes in Legal and Political Philosophy. He has been interested in the issue of criminal punishment since his own student days, and much of his current scholarship focuses on complicated ethical questions.

This “early adopter” of the latest classroom technology recalls that one of the reasons he landed the job at SIU in the early 70s was that he had experience teaching elementary logic. These many years later he is still looking to keep it fresh. Read Top Hat's feature of Dr. Shedler in its entirety here.