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Surprise an Emotion?

The Phenomenology Research Center held a conference "Surprise, an Emotion" on the SIUC Campus Sept. 25-27, 2013.

Top Hat Features Philosopher as Modern Educator

Philosopher George Schedler was recently recognized as a Top Hat “Modern Educator” on the company’s blog site. He uses the student engagement technology for both his online and on-campus course in Elementary Logic. This allows his students greater flexibility in ...read full profile >>

Steinbock becomes bestselling author

The 2013 release of a Slovak translation of Anthony Steinbock’s 1995 book, “Home and Beyond: Generative Phenomenology after Husserl,” caught our own Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Phenomenology Research ...read full profile >>

Philosophy Alum's work featured by CSCP

Ph.D. graduate Dwayne A. Tunstall's "Doing Philosophy Personally: Thinking about Metaphysics, Theism, and Antiblack Racism" is the topic of a recent piece published by the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy (CSCP). Tunstall, currently an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Grand ...read full profile >>

Roche takes prize for paper

Professor Anthony Steinbock
Philosophy graduate student Jenn Roche recently carried home the Harry Todd Costello prize for her presentation in Grass Valley, CA.

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The Occupy Movement Explained: From corporate control to democracy

Featured student Nicholas Smaligo

Doctoral candidate in philosophy Nicholas Smaligo has pulled off a rather neat trick, publishing his first book prior to completing his dissertation. The book, The Occupy Movement Explained: From corporate control to democracy, appears as volume 13 of Open Court Publishing’s popular “Ideas ...read full profile >>

Barrette Named Fulbright Scholar

Andrew Barrette was selected for a 2014–2015 Fulbright Scholarship to Belgium. Andrew will conduct research at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. While there, he will be developing his dissertation, “The Origin of the Question: the Notion of Inquiry in Edmund Husserl,” at the ...read full profile >>

"Moral Emotions" book hits shelves

Professor Anthony Steinbock's long-awaited book, Moral Emotion: Reclaiming the Evidence of the Heart is now published and available, courtesy of Northwestern University Press. (From NU Press) Moral Emotions:  Reclaiming the Evidence of the Heart builds upon the philosophical theory of ...read full profile >>

Berger's Newest Book Hits Shelves

The program is greeting the recent release of Doug Berger’s newest book, ENCOUNTERS OF MIND: Luminosity and Personhood in Indian and Chinese Thought. The work, which discusses the migration of Buddhist ideas on awareness and personhood from India to China during the sixth century, appears in the ...read full profile >>

Undergraduate research winner interested in good government

Double Major in Philosophy and English Clance Cook was singled-out by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (CURCA) with a first place award for his research on political corruption in Illinois. He recently presented his work at a competitive forum for undergraduate and graduate students ...read full profile >>

The Philosophy of Julia Kristeva New from Open Court

The Philosophy of Julia KristevaLibrary of Living Philosophers Volume XXXVIEdited by Sara G. Beardsworth Supported by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor. This monumental volume includes Kristeva’s autobiographical reflections, in ...read full profile >>

Interview with Nicholas Smaligo

Philosophy Doctoral Candidate

How do you think the fact that you are a philosopher affected the way you perceived, experienced, and acted in the movement and—ultimately—wrote the book? Part of being a philosopher, for me, means critically examining the ideas that are used to justify how our shared life together is ...read full profile >>

10th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought

Philosophy will host the 10th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought this month, April 25–26, which features a fascinating lineup of presentations on classical and contemporary China. The conference is an annual meeting of scholars and graduate students who focus on aspects of ...read full profile >>

Guardiano's Book Released

Philosophy alumnus Nicholas Guardiano, currently a research specialist at SIU Library Affairs, will see his book hit stands December 15. Published by Lexington Books, Aesthetic Transcendentalism in Emerson, Peirce, and Nineteenth-Century Amercian Landscape Painting, "will be of interest to scholars of ...read full profile >>

Berger named SACP President

Professor Douglas Berger, after serving a two-year term as Vice President of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy (SACP), became the President of the organization in January 2014. The same year he became vice president within the organization, he was also named the chief ...read full profile >>