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Randall Auxier


Randall Auxier

Phone: 618.453.1882
Office: Communications, Room 2242
email: personalist61@gmail.com

Process Philosophy, American idealism (esp. personalism), contemporary pragmatism, Whitehead, Bergson, Cassirer, Vico, philosophy of culture.

Author of Time, Will and Purpose: Living Ideas from the Philosophy of Josiah Royce, and numerous articles in the philosophy of culture, history of philosophy, philosophy of science, and metaphysics.

Editor of The Pluralist; editor of Critical Responses to Royce, co-editor of God, Process and Persons: The Philosophical Correspondence of Charles Hartshorne and Edgar Sheffield Brightman; co-editor of Bruce Springsteen and Philosophy: Darkness on the Edge of Truth; co-editor of The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy.

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