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Alfred Frankowski

Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies

Alfred Frankowski

Phone: 618.453.7435
Office: Faner, Room 3026
email: alfred.frankowski@siu.edu

Alfred Frankowski specializes in Critical Philosophy of Race, African American and Africana Philosophy, Aesthetics, Post-Colonialism and Critical Genocide Studies. He also has a background in 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy and Contemporary Political Philosophy. He publishes articles on cultural ...read full profile >>

Robert Hahn

Professor; Director, Ancient Legacies Program

Robert Hahn

Phone: 618.453.7438
Office: Faner, Room 3034
email: hahnr@siu.edu

Ancient Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, history and philosophy of science. Broad interests in the history of ancient and modern astronomy and physics, ancient technologies, the contributions of ancient Egypt and monumental architecture to early Greek philosophy and cosmology, ancient ...read full profile >>

Kenneth Stikkers

Interim Chair; Professor, Philosophy & Africana Studies

Kenneth Stikkers

Phone: 618.453.7433
Office: Faner, Room 3022
email: kstikker@siu.edu

Philosophy of economics and sociology, contemporary continental philosophy (Scheler, Foucault), American philosophy (Puritanism, James, African American), ethics, social/political philosophy. Author of Utopian Visions Past, Present and Future: Rethinking the Ethical Foundations of Economy; Economics as Moral ...read full profile >>

Andrew Youpa

Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Associate Dean for Student and Curricular Affairs

Andrew Youpa

Phone: 618.453.3161
Office: Faner, Room 3040
email: ayoupa@siu.edu

Areas of specialization: Spinoza, Early Modern philosophy, Modern Moral philosophy. Author of "Spinoza's Theories of Value" in the British Journal for the History of Philosophy (April 2010), "Spinoza's Model of Human Nature" in the Journal of the History of Philosophy (January 2010), ...read full profile >>