Office of the Associate Dean for Student & Curricular Affairs

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Office of the Associate Dean for Student & Curricular Affairs

image of Ben BrickerDr. Benjamin Bricker, Interim Associate Dean for Student and Curricular Affairs, is primarily responsible for the development and coordination of student and curricular matters in the College of Liberal Arts, including program development, program modification, program review, articulation, and course scheduling changes. Professor Bricker’s position also helps to coordinate scholarships and student success initiatives, as well as to oversee grade changes, academic reinstatement, academic misconduct, and academic grievances.

Dr. Bricker (Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, 2013; J.D., University of Illinois, 2008) is also an Associate Professor of Political Science and holds a cross appointment in the SIU School of Law.

He teaches courses in constitutional law, civil rights & liberties, law & society, and international law, as well as comparative courses in democratization, European politics, and constitutionalism. His research interests include judicial decision making, political polarization, and the operation of judicial review in democratic societies.
He is the author of Visions of Judicial Review: A Comparative Study of Courts and Policy in Democracies (ECPR Press, 2016). Other work has appeared in the German Law Journal, the Justice System Journal, and Law & Policy, among others.

Dr. Bricker's Curriculum Vitae