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Paralegal Studies Program Provides A Great Foundation To Build On In Law School

Zachary A. Meyer (B.A. '17)
Juris Doctorate Candidate
SIU School of Law
Class of 2020

"I would strongly recommend the Paralegal Studies program to anyone planning to attend law school. The legal knowledge, research techniques, and writing skills I learned from the Paralegal Studies program provided me a great foundation to build on in law school. The Paralegal Studies program especially gave me an edge over my classmates when it came to legal research and writing. During my time in the Paralegal Studies program, I completed numerous legal writing assignments. Every writing assignment that was assigned in my first semester of law school was identical to assignments I completed in the Paralegal Studies program. I strongly believe that no other major would have provided me such an advantage over my classmates. Graduating from the Paralegal Studies program was the best decision I could have made."

Law Student Says Paralegal Studies Degree From SIU Has Given Him An Edge

Cory Fry (B.A. '09)
Occupation: Law Student

"Hello, I am an alumnus and have some good news. I am in my 4th week of law school at SIUC, and it is going very well. I wanted to say that the skills I learned from the Paralegal Studies program have been invaluable to say the least. I am more prepared and better able to understand the material much faster than my fellow students. That in turn makes my preparation time for class go a lot more smoothly. The legal and writing class has most of my fellow classmates very worried, but I already have done all the writing types and know exactly what I have to do. The research skills are helpful in that I can find the material faster. The workload of law school is intense, so being able to have any kind of edge in getting through the material is very helpful. While my stress load is still fairly high, I know that it would be much worse if I didn't have the skills the Paralegal Studies program instilled in me. I am grateful for the opportunity to have graduated from the program and for the skills I learned that have made a positive impact with every job I had since I graduated. This program needs to be advertised to everyone, and future students should invest a lot of time in thinking about going through this program, especially if you want to have a solid foundation for law school. But you will be rewarded in every aspect of whatever career you choose by gaining the invaluable skills this program teaches you. It's a wonderful program full of wonderful professors, and I highly recommend it to everyone I know that is going to University. Thank you for everything this program has done for me."