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Congratulations on your post-University successes! We'd love to hear from you -- about what you've been doing, where you are, and more since your time in our program. Please use our handy online form to easily keep in touch with Paralegal Studies and update us on your personal and professional victories beyond graduation day. We sincerely look forward to our alumni correspondences like nothing else — it is through you and your successes that our program continues to garner the accolades we do today.

The SIU Carbondale Paralegal Studies program makes every effort to remain cutting edge in providing instruction on Technologies for the law office to our students. In order to remain current, we are faced with having to regularly purchase new or updated software packages. Unfortunately, the costs exponentially outpace available funds, and Paralegal Studies is asking all who are able to donate back to the Paralegal Studies program; specifically to our technology fund.

In order to contribute, follow this link to the form, and mail it with your contribution to the address listed at the bottom.

Remember to keep checking our Jobs page for updated job opportunities.  Additionally, the graduate survey is now available online. Email it to us or print it out and send it in.