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National Youth Wind Orchestra Luxembourg

September 01, 2015


The Southern Illinois Symphony (SISO), along with the Carbondale Community High
School (CCHS) and the Carterville High School (CHS) Band programs and their
directors, Edward Benyas, Greg Townsend and Nick Williams, present a concert by the
National Youth Wind Orchestra Luxembourg (NYWOL) on Wednesday, September 2 at
7:30pm at Shryock Auditorium on the SIU Carbondale campus. Admission is free.

The appearance of these 58 fine young European musicians, ages 14 to 23, is part of
NYWOL’s 12-day tour through Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, with additional stops
in Milwaukee and East Lansing, and in collaboration with the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
International Exchange Program and Luxembourg’s UGDA Music School and
Differdange International Festival for Winds. The tour also highlights the close relations
between Luxembourg and the United States, recalling Luxembourgish immigration to the
United States over the last centuries as well as the liberation of Luxembourg in 1944 by
American troops, which contributed to the growth of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.
Living this experience will promote socio-cultural exchange and foster new contacts
between youth of both countries. The orchestra is under the direction of François
Schammo (orchestra) and Tom Braquet (choir). The concert will include selections by
both Luxembourgish and American composers. The CCHS and CHS Marching Bands
will open the program with selections from their field shows.

The 58 NYWOL musicians and 12 staff members will enjoy three full days in Southern
Illinois, while being generously hosted by 33 different Southern Illinois families, with
connections to either the SISO, CCHS or CHS. On Monday and Tuesday, they will take
an SIU campus tour and attend classes in Harmony, Instrumentation, Musical Theater,
Choral and Instrumental Conducting, History of Rock’n’Roll and Political Science. They
will also join in rehearsals with the SIU Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, Studio Jazz
Orchestra and Southern Illinois Symphony, as well as attending applied studio classes in
flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn and low brass. SIU faculty members working
with these NYWOL musicians include Professors Edward Benyas, Christopher
Morehouse, Susan Davenport, Dick Kelley, Tim Fink, George Brozak, Philip Brown,
Douglas Worthen, Eric Mandat, Bob Allison and Jessica Butler. Maestro Schammo will
speak to Professor Benyas’ Advanced Conducting class and UGDA Music School
Director, Paul Scholer, will be a panelist for Sheila Simon’s Introduction to Political
Science class discussing comparative governments.

For more information, please email Professor Edward Benyas (