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Pizza & Politics: Crisis in Ukraine

February 27, 2014

Concerned about the current events in Ukraine? Come hear analysis from our department's own foreign policy experts, Dr. Stephen Bloom and Dr. Stephen Shulman, both of whom have recently served as Fulbright Scholars in Ukraine. Enjoy free pizza provided by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute as you learn from these scholars on important global issues dominating current news headlines.

Monday, March 24
5:00 pm
Paul Simon Institute Lobby
RSVP by noon, March 24 to (618) 453-4009 or by email at:

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About the Speakers

Stephen Bloom, Associate Professor, SIU Department of Political Science, specializes in the politics of ethnicity and nationalism in the former Soviet Union. He has spent over two years in Ukraine, and has published multiple articles on Ukrainian politics, some together with Stephen Shulman. During the 2012-2013 academic year, Professor Bloom taught and conducted research at L'viv National University, in Western Ukraine, under the auspices of the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Stephen Shulman, Associate Professor, SIU Department of Political Science, teaches courses on international relations and ethnic politics. His research examines the sources and consequences of national identity, unity and autonomy, especially as they relate to foreign policy and international relations. He has an area specialization in Ukraine, which he has visited eighteen times for periods ranging from ten days to ten months to conduct research, teach and consult. In February-July 2010 and February-July 2011 he taught as a Fulbright Scholar at Tavrida National University in Simferopol, the capitol of Crimea.

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