Student Glass Artists Featured Internationally

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SIU Student Glass Artists Featured Internationally

July 01, 2013

Recent SIU graduate from the School of Art & Design, Madeline Steimle, was awarded Third Place in the Glass Art Society’s 2013 International Student Online Exhibition. Madeline’s magical glass recordings created quite a stir in this juried international exhibition. You can experience Madeline’s project on YouTube and see why her work garnered such praise in the competition:

Madeline Steimle

In the exhibition catalog, Madeline writes of her art: “In my work I explore the differences between analog and digital media, as our society takes steps to digitize most of our culture. My series of glass recordings are ephemeral in nature, although stored correctly they could last indefinitely. Not only does the casting process corrupt the data on the recordings, but each time the grooves are traced by the phonograph needle, the music wears away further. Through the reproduction of media, degradation is inherent in my work.”

Two other current glass graduate students, Rachael Erickson and Erin Taylor, were selected for catalog inclusion. Similar to Madeline’s piece, both Erickson’s and Taylor’s works seem to provide commentaries on societal response in the face of scientific and technological evolution.


Rachael, a master’s glass student, describes her piece, Avatar, as “an investigation into the ways in which technology’s rapid progression is affecting us as human beings. It is a physical recognition we are changing, and an examination of the manifestations of those changes. Our technological advances enable us to play a role now much closer to God’s. So the question becomes-Who are we? What do we want to be? Who do we wish to become? The avatar is up to you.”

Erin, also a master’s student at SIU, uses her video, Cellam Divisio Alchemia, to capture “an examination of our understanding of the scientific world. Scientific discoveries have done much to improve our lives over the past five hundred years. Along with the accelerating pace of scientific discoveries comes confusion and a great disconnect with our daily reality. By exploring the origins of science I hope to make tangible connections to the complex issues of our time.” Her video is available online through Vimeo:

House of CardsAlso featured in this year’s catalog is the work of SIU alumna Sarah Vaughn, BFA in glass. Sarah, now a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology, saw her piece, House of Cards IX, highlighted in the exhibition catalog.

She writes, “I try to make work that conveys emotional reactions to an audience while maintaining distance from the actual events that take place in life.”

All of these great young artists have emerged from Professor Jiyong Lee’s campus glass studio right here at SIU Carbondale. The College tips its hat to our many fine artists watching their work find true appreciation in the professional world.