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CoLA student participates in NATO summit

July 09, 2012, CoLA

Qaiss Alokozai was invited to the Young Atlanticist summit in joint progression with the recent NATO summit in Chicago. He attended the event as part of the Afghan Young Leaders with the help of the Department of State and Fullbright program. At the summit, he had an opportunity to talk to young NATO leaders as well as meet face-to-face with leaders from across the globe.

The SIU Economics graduate student participated in discussion sessions featuring panels of leaders including presidents and government officials from other nations. In one session, students discussed the post war imact of immediate decision to withdraw forces from Afghanistan as well as economic effects. Alokozai writes of his experience:

"Participation in this summit has broadened my understanding of many issues that we are facing in this modern world...this summit was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I had the golden opportunity to be involved in such an important international gathering of high profile officials from around the world. This summit has motivated me to be visionary, influential and charismatic in what I do in the future."