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What Our Alumni Say

Find out what our own recent graduates are saying about SIU's Musical Theater program below!

"I decided to be a part of SIU's Musical Theater BFA program because I knew of the quality of teachers I'd be working with. In addition to their great educational backgrounds, they all have had extensive professional theater careers. I learned so much, not just from what they taught me in the classroom, but from hearing all about their experiences."

—Angie Fisher (BFA MUSICAL THEATER 2013)

"SIU was a great stepping stone into the business of theater. Since I've graduated, I've gone no more than two months without a job in my field, and my school definitely equipped me with all of the tools I need to succeed."

—Tim Wessel (BFA MUSICAL THEATER 2012)

"Training at SIU gave me the confidence to go out and make an actual livable career as a Musical Theater major. And they have some of the best teachers in their own field."

—Josh Kimball (BFA MUSICAL THEATER 2012)

"My teachers, mentors, classes and peers at SIU let me establish and grow into who I am as a performer/person."

Lawrence O'Neill (BFA MUSICAL THEATER 2013)