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College of Liberal Arts

Alfred Jamal Kinchen

Sophomore, BM: Piano Performance, BS: Aviation Flight

Alfred Jamal Kinchen

Racine, WI
BM: Piano Performance
BS: Aviation Flight

Jamal is in the piano studio of Dr. Yuko Kato.

Jamal Kinchen's dream job is to become a commercial pilot.

"Music is a very central part of me. It is the essence of my daily routine, whether it be practicing or simply listening. In a way, it is the glue that holds everything together.

Both the size and faculty influenced my decision to attend SIU. The school is big enough that you have to walk through a forest to get to classes, but it is also small enough to not feel like a face in the crowd. All of my instructors want nothing more than to see me succeed.

I definitely enjoy the integration of the university into the surrounding nature. It reminds me that nature is the base of everything and keeps me grounded.

When I am not flying, I will continue to share the language of music with others by way of programs and lessons. It is a part of me that will never die away!"