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Mary Walden

Music Business

Mary Walden

Sherman, IL


BA Music Business / Voice

Music and...


Mary is a current member of the SIU Concert Choir and Marching Salukis.

Without being able to study and perform music that I've worked hard on, school would be very bland. Music has always been a part of my academics. From simply helping me create friendships, to allowing me to sing Brahms' Requiem with the Paducah Symphony Orchestra and a huge choir [of which the SIU Concert Choir was a part], my life without music at SIU would not be the same.

I chose SIU because my family has a long line of alumni at SIU, and the Marching Salukis and SIU Choirs!

The musical experiences I get to partake in at the collegiate level, plus the friends I've made both in and outside of the School of Music.

I'd love to be involved in the business aspect of the industry, as well as performing in it.

I play both piano and flute, and I've previously been a member of the Choral Union and Symphonic Band on campus. Currently, I am a member of the SIU Concert Choir, Marching Salukis, and the Fitness Club. My first love is music, but my second is weight lifting.

Over the Summer, I was an intern for 101.5 CIL-FM, and was given the opportunity to learn about music and radio and how they work together to bring people the music they love; at no cost to them.