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Jackie Blackburn


Jackie Blackburn

Laguna Hills, CA

BA Music / Dental Hygiene

Music and...

Dental Hygiene!

Jackie is in the studio of Dr. Doug Worthen.

My dream job is to be a dental hygienist, flute pedagogue and performer.

Music is something that has always been a part of my life. That's why I chose to pursue a double major with music. Even though that can be very busy, the faculty at SIU has been unbelievably supportive. So, music at SIU has become something much more than a hobby. Music is my home, a place where I feel welcome and have made lifelong friends. The music department supports me, and keeping music in my life has kept me motivated throughout my time at SIU.

I was looking for a school that would allow me to major in both dental hygiene and music (not many schools!). My dad is an SIU alum, so I knew it had good programs. Once I was accepted into the dental hygiene program, school of music, honors program, and was chosen as a university excellence scholar, I knew that SIU was my college.

My favorite aspect of SIU is the friendliness and support that I receive from everyone. Students ask each other for help, teachers understand and care about their students; administrative faculty is patient with stressed students. Being surrounded by great people, it's so easy to enjoy school and feel comfortable at SIU.

With all the focus on SIU, I would also just like to take a moment to praise and recognize my family. I have a big family, and my sisters and cousins are my best friends. My parents and Godparents are my foundation, they help me through every step of my life and I can't recognize success without sharing it with my family.

"If you're afraid of failure, you don't deserve success." -Nastia Liukin