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Music Minor

Students majoring in other areas can continue their music studies by pursuing a Music Minor. The Music Minor is an excellent addition to any degree program, displaying a student’s artistic and creative abilities in addition to the student’s major course of study. Employers often select the well-rounded student over one with a more narrow academic background.

Students wishing to pursue a Music Minor must make a declaration of intent at the Music Advisement Office before registering for classes. The courses a student would take are in a Music Minor are:

  • MUS 102(2) Music Literature or MUS 103(3) Music Understanding*
  • MUS030a(1) Piano Class
  • MUS 104a(1) Aural Skills
  • MUS 105a(3) Basic Harmony
  • Elective(2-3)
  • Two semesters of large ensembles (2)
  • Two semesters of applied lessons (4)

* Credit hours indicated within (); Music minor totals 16 credit hours.