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About the Authors

Dr. James Daniels is a Professor of Family and Community Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. He is Board Certified in Preventive Medicine with a subspecialty in Occupational Medicine, Family Medicine, and Sports Medicine. He has an MPH from the Medical College in Wisconsin with emphasis on human ergonomics. He is the Director of SIU Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship in Quincy, Illinois.

Dr. May Kim is an Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the Quincy Program. She has a special interest in treating performing artists for medical conditions.

Dr. James Daniels and Dr. May Kim can be contacted for non-urgent medical problems at jdaniels@siumed.edu or mkim@siumed.edu or by phone at 217-224-9484. If you are experiencing an urgent medical problem, please see your family healthcare provider or a healthcare provider at the Student Health Center.