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Health and Safety Information and Recommendations for Student Musicians


The School of Music at SIU, as required by the National Association of Schools of Music is obligated to inform students and faculty of health and safety issues, hazards, and procedures inherent in practice, performance, teaching and listening both in general and as applicable to their specific specializations. This includes but is not limited to information regarding hearing, vocal and musculoskeletal health, injury prevention, and the use, proper handling and operation of potentially dangerous materials, equipment and technology.

Individuals are personally responsible for avoiding risk and preventing injuries to themselves before, during, and after study or employment in the SIU School of Music. The policies, protocols, and operational procedures developed by the School of Music do not alter or cancel any individual’s personal responsibility to make responsible personal decisions. They serve only to better educate and inform the students and faculty of the School of Music.

The information provided here is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment by a licensed professional, nor is it a substitute for each individual’s responsibility to cultivate his or her own healthy habits on a daily basis.